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  1. Hi Aaron, I’m a Kentucky pastor and over the weekend our church hosted a group of college students from University of Wisconsin and 8 of them made professions of faith in Christ. I called and left a message for you and wanted to give you a little more info. I am following up with them through email this week and wanted to be able to connect them with a local church in their area where they would be able to get connected and be discipled. I’d like to connect them with you. Please get back in touch with me ASAP either via email, or you can call or text me at 270 646 0613. Thanks.

  2. I was unable to find a contact email on your church website, so sorry about replying to this blog entry. Anyway, I am contacting to see if you’ve thought about having your church sermons transcribed? This would allow visitors to the church website to not only listen, but also read the text of a sermon. I will include my Facebook page I have created. Feel free to “like” my page. I would love to further discuss if this might be of interest. Thanks and God bless.

    Burt Empson


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