Red Village Church

Easter Sunday 4/4/21 to be held outdoors at 10am

Pending proper weather conditions, we will be meeting outside on Easter Sunday. This post will be updated by Friday evening with a final determination of whether we will be meeting outside or inside. Right now the weather looks favorable. Update: weather conditions look good so we will be meeting outside.

We will be meeting in the parking lot in a similar fashion to last year’s outdoor services. Chairs will be provided, though you are welcome to bring your own. The bathrooms inside the building will be available for use.

The order of the service will be as follows:

  • Service Starts at 10am.
  • We won’t be serving food.
  • There will also not be childcare provided.
  • Call to Worship
  • Congregational Prayer
  • Song #1
  • Sermon delivered live.
  • Lord’s Supper. Congregants are welcome to bring their own elements. The offering basket will be available as it typically is.
  • Song #2
  • Song #3
  • Doxology