Gospel of John Resources

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Listed below are the books I have been consulting for our sermon series on John! Blessings, Aaron   Pillar NT Commentary John by D.A. Carson For Everyone Commentary John part 1 by N.T. Wright Living Insights New Testament Commentary by Chuch Swindoll Spurgeon’s Verse Exposition of John by Charles Spurgeon Tyndale New Testament Commentary of John by Colin Kruse A … Read More

The Pastors’ Study

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Join Jay and Aaron Wednesday nights for the Pastors’ Study!  Listed below are some of the details of the study as well as an outline for what we will be covering the first 8 weeks.   Purpose: A venue for the RVC pastors to help equip the saints by teaching through a broad selection of sound doctrine and what accords with the same … Read More

Not Always The Most Satisfying Answer

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“[2 Thessalonians] belongs among the many prophecies, whose best and final exegete will be the eschatological fulfillment, and in regard to which it behooves the saints to exercise a peculiar kind of eschatological patience.” Vos, The Pauline Eschatology, p. 133.

Read Carefully

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“Only one thing more, and that of supreme importance, needs to be remembered: all eschatological interpretation of history, when united to a strong religious mentality cannot but produce the finest practical theological fruitage. To take God as source and end of all that exists and happens, and to hold such a view suffused with the warmth of genuine devotion, stands … Read More