Red Village Church

The New Song from My Heart

This past Sunday the challenge I gave us in the sermon was to take time to write new songs to God that flow from our hearts.  At the end of the sermon I mentioned I just wrote a simple song in light of sickness that my family and I recently had.  Several have asked for me to post the lyrics so I have listed them below.  As you can see the song I wrote is pretty simple and  I hopes that gives you encouragement that you can do this as well!


The depths of my sin have brought sickness and death

The depths of your love has brought healing and life

In my sickness I cry out for grace

And then I remember that Jesus has come and died in my place

Through Jesus one day I will be made whole

Where sickness will never again deliver its blow

I long for that day to be united with Jesus my King

Where shouts of praise will forever ring

Until that day comes and I live in this life where sickness and death are found

I will praise Him on this journey that will take me homeward bound