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Bible Secrets Revealed…. Again!!!!

Bible-SecretsOften around the Christmas and Easter holidays a popular media story will appear promising to reveal “What’s REALLY in the Bible” or “Who the REAL Jesus Was” or “What Early Christianity Was REALLY Like.” In fact, I think I mentioned this during a sermon in early November. The implication is usually that the Bible we now have or evangelical spirituality in general is a corrupting of some earlier manifestation. Usually the perpetrators are either Constantine, the attendees of some church council, or evil moustachioed white men.

Well, this year was no exception. In late November the History Channel started a series called “Bible Secrets Revealed” (They even had an episode titled, “The Real Jesus”). Happily Michael Kruger of Reformed Theological Seminary has been writing a series of responses. Even if you haven’t heard of the television series you’ve probably heard the objections and assertions. Regardless, I think Dr Kruger does good work and that it’s worth checking out.

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