Red Village Church

Connect to RVC

One of the Pillars that we have as a church is that we “Connect” with each other.   If you are wondering how we connect, below are 4 primary ways in which we do that as a church!

  1.  Sunday mornings.   As we gather together on Sundays as the Church it is a great way for you to connect with the body of Christ.
  2. Mid-week Villages.  Throughout the week we have small groups that we call “Villages”.  In our Villages we connect with each other as we care for each other and live life on life.
  3. Social Events.  God created us to be social beings.  As a church it is good when we get together to watch the game, play board games, go out to lunch, have play dates among many other ways we can connect.
  4. Going to others with the good news of Jesus Christ.  As we seek to share the love of Christ with others outside the church, we hope that we as a church connect together to do this!

Please let us know how we can connect with you!