Red Village Church

Being a good small group attender

This week with our Villages kicking back off here are some hospitality principles for you to be a good small group attender.   As you attend your group remember that hospitality is not just required of the host but also for the guest!   May we seek to be Christlike as we enter into the homes of others! 

  1. Come on time and be sensitive on when to leave
  2. Help with food and even offer to bring main dish
  3. Help clean up
  4. Pray for the small group leader and family
  5. Offer to host to give leader a break
  6. Help care for children
  7. Be committed to coming
  8. Find ways to encourage the leader
  9. Be mindful to how the leaders home life is structured
  10. Express thankfulness and gratitude
  11. Be ready to discuss and let others discuss
  12. Be open and transparent
  13. Have sensitivity to any guest that might be visiting the group, especially if they are not a Christian.