Red Village Church

Don’t Suffer from Fruitless Fellowship this Weekend

One of the things I have observed the past several years is how Christianity in North America in many ways does not resemble the Christianity we see in the New Testament.  Perhaps that is most clear when it comes to what we have labeled as fellowship.  One of the greatest gifts God has given his children is the church and fellow believers to live the Christian life with.  It is through the church that not only do we see a picture of the gospel but we also are given a means to help us persevere in this life.  It is through the fellowship of other believers in the church that we are to examine the Scriptures, exhort each other to holiness, have an outlet to find healing through confession of sin, partake in the Lord’s Supper, as well as come together for heart felt prayer.  All of these elements are central to true, Christ-centered biblical fellowship.  However, as I observe what we have come to label as fellowship, I see none of these activities taking place.  Our fellowship has been reduced down to potlucks, social events, or a group of Christians simply hanging out.  The “fellowship” of most Christians look no different than that of non-Christians with the exception of the lack of vulgar language and drunkenness.  Christ is not the head of the fellowship or the object of why we come together.  Too often there is no life giving fruit that is produced when Christians come together.

While I am not against potlucks, social events, or hanging out, the Scriptures are clear that if there are areas in our lives, including “fellowship”, that are not producing fruit we need to cut them off.  What if as followers of Christ we actually put to practice what we see in the New Testament in the area of fellowship?  What if every time we got together we spent time in prayer, praying for the nations and the 1.7 billion people yet to hear of the name of Jesus?  What if every time we got together we started off our gathering by reading a passage of Scripture?  What if every time we got together we exhorted each other to share the gospel with unbelievers who are in our lives?  What if as Christians we did not settle for “fruitless fellowship”, and we were desperate for true and Biblical fellowship?  This coming weekend many Christians will be getting together with other believers for the holiday weekend.  This weekend, would you not settle for fruitlessness?    May you be desperate for Christ and not just for entertainment.  May Jesus Christ be the reason be sole reason why we gather!