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You May Not Like the Means

“A Christianity which had ceased to be aggressive would speedily have ceased to exist. Christ came not to send peace on earth but a sword; against the restless and resistless force of the new religion the gates of hell should not prevail. But polytheism could not be dethroned without a struggle; nor mankind regenerated without […]

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The Heresy of Orthodoxy

One of the popular ideas you may see in mainstream media or hear in your UW Religion classes (disclosure: I’m just stereotyping and have no idea if that’s true) is that our modern notion of Christian theology would be unrecognizable to the early church. This is because, it’s said, the current makeup of the Bible

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Life Together

I had to drive to Minneapolis twice in the past couple of weeks. The second time was alone, which makes the drive much longer. But it did afford the opportunity to do two things: visit Loome Theological Bookstore (highly recommended) and listen to one of my favorite books: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. It is

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