Red Village Church

Earth in Heaven

This past weekend my family and I buried my father, who lost his life to cancer.  Over the past few days many different people have reached out to us and showed us much love.  While without question I am  thankful for everyone’s kind words and encouragement, I was discouraged on how low our view of heaven is.  Countless times over the past few days I heard how my dad now has the best seat for the Super Bowl (my dad was a life long Packers fan), or how my dad is in heaven listening to his favorite polka music, or that my dad is now catching the biggest fish, or at least now he is out of pain, and so on.  I do understand that comments like this are meant to bring a smile to my face and are said with good intentions, however, comments like this really diminish the greatness of being with God in heaven.


As we come to the Scriptures and see the various passages about heaven, they paint a much greater picture for what it is to spend eternity with God.   In Isaiah 6 as the prophet gets a view of the throne room of God, we read about the glory of Lord who is high and lifted up.  In Revelation  4 and 5 we read about multitudes falling down before the Lamb in worship.  In Philippians 2 we read that Paul says that to die is gain.  When those who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus are ushered into eternity they will be in the presence of a holy and awesome God.  The people of God throughout eternity will experience not only the greatness of God but will also fully rest in his perfect love.  In heaven we will sit at the table of King Jesus at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Rev 19).

This experience will by far surpass watching any football game, dancing to one’s favorite music, sitting in any fishing boat, or being pain free. For the Christian eternity is where we can finally and fully grasp Jesus, who is our great treasure.  How awesome this day will be.  How much greater will the next life be the current one.  This is the life that we strive after and long to live for.

While it is a shame that too often we live as though our best life is now, it is also a shame that we have such a low view of eternity that we want to have earth in heaven.  When a loved one who was a believer in Jesus dies, the greatest comfort one can have is the joy of knowing they are in the presence of their Savior.  How awesome that must be!!!