Red Village Church

Peaking with the Puritans

We’ve been trying something this year called “Peaking with the Puritans.” As we said when we started this, most people think of the Puritans as a dour lot, spending their time burning witches and stitching scarlet letters. These days historical conventional wisdom is no more accurate than a game of telephone in a knitting circle. Puritanism was a revival of true religion (in the best sense of the word) that came out of the Reformation. It was a time of intense persecution. Out of this fiery revival a corpus of powerful, English-language, Spirit-saturated writings have been left to us. The Banner of Truth has been re-publishing the best of these writings in various forms for years. They have a series called Puritan Paperbacks.

Peaking is a reference to a word my friends and I used to throw around to refer to intense spiritual experiences. We misappropriated the term. I now see that I didn’t know what a peak experience was at that time.

So, consider this another invitation to join us for monthly discussions of these great works.

August 6th (this Saturday) – The Mortification of Sin by John Owen

September 24th (tentative) – Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks

It may be too late for you to get and read the Owen book, but it’s definitely not too early to by the second one.

Theses discussions have been very helpful and I hope you’ll consider joining us.