Red Village Church

About Financial Peace University from the Group Leader

Here is some great info about Financial Peace from Eric Sampson who will be leading the FPU group this summer.

Financial Peace University starts June 8th. We’ll meet at the church office on Sundays (5:30p – 7:00p).

Anyone taking the class gets a kit with all kinds of goodies in it (e.g., audio CDs of Dave’s lectures, Complete Guide to Money book, budget forms, workbook, envelope system). We need to know how many kits to order, so we need to know who is interested in attending. If you’re interested in taking the class, let me know by this Sunday June 1. Here’s how. You can comment below, email me (, join the FPU group on the Table, or all of the above. That way we’ll know we need to get you a kit.

Kits will cost somewhere between $89 and $109. You can pay for them when the class starts. If we get 10 kits, we’ll get a class discount and the kits will be $89 each. If we have fewer than 10 groups, we’ll get fewer than 10 kits, and the cost will be $109 per kit.

Here’s some FAQ. Feel free to ask any other questions you have too.


1. $109?! That’s nuts! Is it worth it?

This class will teach you how to handle money well over the course of your life. If you practice the things you learn in this class, it will pay for itself hundreds of times over. Last year, my wife Laura and I saved $982 per year just by adjusting our insurance policies in the ways this class suggests. That’s just by implementing the things we learned from one lesson.

2. I’ll be traveling this summer, so I’ll have to miss a few weeks. Is that OK?

Absolutely. In your kit, you will get all of the lessons on a CD. This way, you can listen to any lessons you miss. You also get two free video lessons. It’s perfectly OK if you need to miss a few lessons.

3. I bought a kit last year, but wasn’t able to attend much. Can I come this year? And if so, do I need to buy another kit?

If you bought a kit anytime in your life, you are allowed to show up to any and all FPU classes that you want anywhere on the globe. You don’t have to buy another kit. Just show up. Once an FPU member, always an FPU member.

4. Won’t this class encourage me to be greedy?

Nope. That’s the short answer. Here’s the longer one: we call that stuff sitting in the bank account with our name on it “our money”. But it’s not really our money. It’s God’s. He gave it to us and expects us to manage it well. The motivation for this class is to teach us how to do that. So, the hope is that this class will do the exact opposite of encouraging you to be greedy. The hope is that it will give you a proper understanding of what your money is and why it’s important to manage it well. Here’s just one reason managing money well is important. Those who manage money well have money available to give away to those in need. Those who don’t manage money well, don’t have money to give away. There’s much much more to say, but I’ll leave it at that for now.