Red Village Church

Living Radically Normal

Starting the weekend of June 1st as a church we will be working through a short sermon series titled “Living Radically Normal”.  We know that as followers of Jesus Christ we are called to radically follow after him but what the question we might ask is, “What does that look like?”  When we think of the word “radical” we think of the things that are extreme or over the top, bascially the opposite of normal.  However, as we work through this short sermon series I think we will be encouraged to see that living the “normal” Christian life is in fact radical.

Over the next several weeks we will be looking at how Scripture teaches us how we are to love, to have contentment, to raise a family, and to work, among others.  In each sermon we will be reminded that these “normal” traits that God expects his people to have will help us live radically as we follow after our great King Jesus Christ.

I am looking forward to starting this series with you soon!