Red Village Church

The Heart of Christ

We’re planning on doing another Peaking with the Puritans on October 25th at 9ish. Out of the fiery revival that was puritanism a corpus of powerful, English-language, Spirit-saturated writings came forth. The Banner of Truth has been re-publishing the best of these writings in various forms for years. They have a series called Puritan Paperbacks.

Peaking is a reference to a word my friends and I used to throw around to refer to intense spiritual experiences. We misappropriated the term. I now see that I didn’t know what a peak experience was.

So, consider this another invitation to join us for periodic discussions of these great works.

October 25th – The Heart of Christ by Thomas Goodwin. It’s available at Amazon, Westminster Books, and Banner of Truth. You may also see me at church with a box full of books. Warning: some small members of my family may be trying to sell them at a mark-up.

These discussions have been very helpful and I hope you’ll consider joining us.