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GS_Galatians“On the other hand, He who cultivates the field of the Spirit, shall of that Spirit reap life everlasting… We are too apt to think of final happiness as something quite distinct from that holy frame of feeling and thought to which the gospel, as “the ministration of the Spirit,” forms the human soul, while in reality it is just the perfection of it. The spiritual mind – the mind of the Spirit – the mode of thinking and feeling produced by the Holy Spirit through the belief of the truth – not only leads to, but is “life and peace.” We should not look on the cultivation of the Christian, the spiritual, character as in itself a hard, disagreeable task, by which – for which – we are at last to be compensated with an exceedingly great reward in heaven; but we ought to consider every attainment as bringing its own required with it, every spiritual view, every spiritual feeling, as a part of the heavenly felicity. The Spirit is the “earnest’ of the inheritance. It is part of a whole – the beginning of what is to be perfected in eternity.” John Brown, Galatians, Banner of Truth Trust, p. 341.