Red Village Church

Meet Hans

Hello everyone,
My name is Hans and I recently started working as a North American Mission Board church planting intern with Red Village Church. I am very excited to discover how God uses this great opportunity in my own life and to hopefully bless the Red Village community as well.
God has used the Red Village community in big ways to challenge me and help me grow throughout my college career at UW-Madison. I started attending the church during the Spring semester of my freshman year shortly after the Lord got ahold of my heart. I slowly got more involved and became a member during the fall of my junior year. Lord willing I will graduate in August with a degree in Psychology after taking one final undergraduate class this summer.
God has placed a deep desire on my heart to reach out to internationals with the Gospel, a passion that I hope to bring to my internship with Red Village. We have such a unique opportunity in Madison to reach out to people from all parts of the world who are working or studying here, including countries in which they would likely never have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus’ saving grace and atoning sacrifice for their sins.

One way I hope to focus on outreach to the international community is by teaching English as a Second Language classes in Madison, with the goal of making connection and ultimately seeing many internationals in Madison become disciples of Jesus. I also am praying that I will see the Holy Spirit work through me to build up the disciples of Red Village, particularly college students. I want to see Red Village be a church full of disciples who make disciples, as 2 Tim 2:2 urges, and hope to play whatever part in that vision that God would give me the grace to. I am also looking forward to serving in whatever other ways I can in order to see God’s glory magnified in this city, particularly through our church body.

I believe that God is calling me to the mission field overseas in the future for at least a couple of years and I hope that my experience as an intern helps me prepare well for this next stage. I am also interested in attending seminary eventually and seeking God’s leading in a long-term vocation as a counseling pastor, long-term missionary, or possibly teaching pastor. I understand that these plans could change at any time and that God could lead in a completely different and unforeseen direction. However, I trust that everything that God teaches me this year will help me down the road in whatever His plans are for me.