Red Village Church

Prayer Meeting Schedule

Hey RVC!

Here is a schedule for the remainder of the prayer meetings we have on the calendar:
8/25 at 143 Lathrop St starting at 7:00 PM
8/27 at 143 Lathrop St starting at 8:30 AM
8/29 at 4610 Jenewein Rd Apt 8, Fitchburg starting at 7:00 PM
8/30 at 5113 Arrowhead Dr, Monona starting at 7:00 PM
9/1 at the RVC Office (310 N. Midvale, Lower Level suite) at 7:00 PM
9/3 at 109 S Orchard St starting at 6:00 PM

We are all busy in various ways, that is a given. But activities like praying together unifies us in heart, mind, and vision and allows us to take a breath before we head into the greater busyness of Fall. Come and ask for God’s blessing upon RVC for this next semester and you will find encouragement praying alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ. Hope you can make it! If you would like to host one, email and we’ll get it on the schedule.