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Update from Sarah!

Here is a little update from Sarah and her work in India!

Hi Church!
Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement! Merissa and I have been at SCH for about 2 weeks now. We’re getting settled in, developing relationships, attempting to learn the language, adjusting to the food, and already dreaming about what we want our future home to be like. We are currently in training, so Merissa and I are shadowing at two separate homes to learn from veteran foster moms. Please pray for direction as the leaders work with Merissa and I to determine a good fit for us.
The first few days were a bit rocky for me – at times I didn’t want to be here, and yet I never doubted that this is where I am supposed to be. By God’s grace, this place is already beginning to feel like home. I’m so grateful to have found a good church that a few people at SCH attend. It is roughly the size of RVC, in English, with good teaching. I am hoping to get involved with a small group at church. Please pray for friendships with local Believers.
I recently met a new driver for SCH. He was part of ICM’s (SCH’s parent ministry) school of worship and recently became a Christian! When he returned to his village, his Hindu parents were slowly poisoning his food because of his new faith. So he came to SCH seeking refuge of sorts. One day I caught him reading his Telugu Bible as he waited for someone. I can’t help but praise God when I think about his faith – if you convert from Islam or Hinduism here, you must be a genuine Believer because the persecution that happens here is serious. Please pray for the message of the Gospel to advance. And please pray also for courage and perseverance for the local Believers.
Last week we had our monthly meeting with all of SCH to discuss what has been accomplished over the month and where things are headed. Sarah, the founder/director of SCH recently attended the World Without Orphans conference in Thailand with a couple other staff members, so there was a lot to discuss! SCH is beginning to take small, slow steps toward supporting families in order to prevent children from being given up to the orphanage, as well as developing long-term foster care within the community. We’re limited in what we can do right now due to government regulations, but we have new resources to help us start taking steps. I’m very excited about the direction that we are headed and I’m so grateful that I get to be a part of this work. Please pray for favor with the government, wisdom for the staff, and financial resources as we incorporate more social work into what we do.
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Thank you again for all of your love and support! I am so grateful for my RVC family!