Red Village Church

Bible Doctrine Class Resuming!

Hey Everyone!

The RVC Bible Doctrine Class will be resuming starting Feb 12, 3-5:30PM in the RVC Office (310 N Midvale Blvd, Lower Level Suite). I’m pasting the class schedule below so you can view that at your leisure. Even if you missed everything up until now, you are welcome to attend and I am also pasting an Amazon link to the book that we use so you can pick up a copy. Beyond understanding the Gospel for salvation and having a cursory understanding of the flow of the Bible, systematic theology, in my opinion, is the most important thing a Christian can pursue in terms of learning. It will give you a greater understanding of Scripture and prepare you to weather issues in your life that you would be otherwise ill-prepared for, such as when people challenge your faith. All that to say, I hope to see you there, eager to learn!

In Christ,


February 12 – The Doctrine of Christ (Chs. 14-16)
March 12 – The Doctrine of Salvation, Pt. 1 (Chs. 17-21)
April 2 – The Doctrine of Salvation, Pt. 2 (Chs. 22-25)
April 30 – The Doctrine of the Church (Chs. 26-30)
May 7 – The Doctrine of the Future (Chs. 31-34)