Red Village Church

Maximizing the Summer Socials

Summer is fast approaching which means the RVC Summer Socials are about to kick off.  As a church family we see this as a very important time for our collective work in Madison.  With that in mind here are a few things to set our hearts toward to maximize the Summer Socials.

  1. Be committed to participate.  Summers can be a busy time for many of us.  Things like vacations, weddings, family reunions have a way of filling up our schedule.  Because of the busyness of summer the temptation is to put church life on the back burner.  However if I can be an encouragement, don’t do that.  While all the things that I just listed above are important, so is being with your church family.  Yes, be wise with your schedule and recognize that you can’t do everything, but be committed to find Summer Socials that you can participate in!
  1. Connect with other RVCers.  Throughout much of the church calendar many of us are in small groups where we get to know a few people in close personal relationships.  While it is important for us to live out our faith, it also is important for us to connect with others in the church as a whole; this leads us to the Summer Socials.  During the Summer Socials there are a number of avenues by which we can connect with those who we might not be able to connect with at other times.  This summer be intentional to connect with others in the RVC church family that you might not know well.
  1. Invite your unchurched friends.  As I have shared many different times a very real part of my coming to faith in Christ was first to be exposed to Christian love.  This summer as we set out to do a number of different events, see these events as great opportunities to expose our unchurch friends to Christian love.  As our summer calendar continues to fill up, be mindful of which events your unchurched friends might be excited to join.  As unchurched people join us be intentional in showing love, both to them as well as to each other.
  1. Enjoy God’s creation.  A common theme that I hear from people who visit Madison is how beautiful our city is, especially in the summer.  Many of the events that we will be doing this summer will take us outdoors, so don’t miss out on marveling in God and his creation.  When you go to Devil’s Lake take time to praise God for the beauty of the lake and bluffs; as you walk around the Farmer’s Market marvel in the common grace found in the produce that is for sale; thank God for the warm summer sun as you play volleyball or go on a picnic.  A very real part of our worship of our God is to praise him for his handiwork in creation.