Red Village Church

Prayer Meetings

The beginning of the year is a special time at RVC where we take two weeks to gather as a church family at various locations to pray together. Below is the schedule and our hope is that everyone at RVC will attend at least one prayer meeting and that as many that can will join the leadership in fasting Saturday, January 13 and then coming to the RVC Office (310 N Midvale Blvd) to pray together and end our time of fasting. So here is the list of prayer meetings, hope to see you there:

January 3rd-Michael and Libby Porto
7-8 pm @ 6013 Monticello Way

January 5th-Kevin and Brenda Phillips
7-8 pm @ 5113 Arrowhead Dr., Monona

January 7th-Sarah Rupplinger
7-8 pm @ 616 Enterprise Dr., Verona

January 9th-Jonathon and Catherine Snodgrass
7-8 pm

January 11th-Jacob Dubie and Co.
7-8 pm @ 523 Wingra St. Apt.1, Madison

January 13th-RVC Office
6-7 pm @ 310 N. Midvale Blvd Suite 301, Madison