Red Village Church

Fighting the Winter Blues

Now that winter is officially upon on us let’s set our hearts to fight against the winter blues. Below are 10 ways to fight the good fight of faith this winter season!

  1. Practice spiritual disciplines (Bible Reading, Prayer, Scripture Memory, Living in Community, etc.)
  2. Lament the feelings of loneliness and isolation while longing for Christ to return to make all things new.
  3. Care for your body with exercise and eating healthy.
  4. Practice hospitality by having people into your home.
  5. Look for ways to care for others who are struggling with the winter blues.
  6. Be intentional with your calendar to schedule indoor and outdoor activities (Outdoor: skating, sleding, skiing, ice fishing. Indoor: board game nights, movie nights, reading, etc)
  7. Put yourself in positions to find laughter and seek to remove yourself from positions where you find discouragement.
  8. Do not be a slave to your feelings or your emotions, but speak the truth of the Scriptures to your heart.
  9. Be honest with others when you are struggling.
  10. Look for the glory of God on display throughout winter! As an example in Matthew 6 we are called to look to the birds to see how God provides for them. This winter as you see birds in the air remember that your glorious God is still providing for them even in the winter.