Red Village Church

July 5th Service to be outdoors at 10am

Quick note about the 10am time: last Sunday there was a quick show of hands for who would prefer 9am as a service time due to the increased shade and the lower temperatures. About 85% of people present preferred the 9am time. However, when I was talking with people later it became clear that a non-trivial number weren’t there for the show of hands and thus might not expect to need to look online to confirm the service time. Thus, my plan is to do this Sunday at 10am and the following Sunday, July 12th at 9am. This will give an opportunity to announce the time change in-person.

We’ll be following the inclement weather plan, overflow plan, and procedures documented in the June 14th service plan.

The plan for the service is as following:

  • Service Starts at 10am.
  • We won’t be serving food.
  • There will also not be childcare provided.
  • Call to Worship
  • Congregational Prayer
  • Sermon delivered live. A pre-recorded version of the same sermon will be available as it has been in prior weeks.
  • Lord’s Supper. The offering basket will be available as it typically is.
  • Song #1: How Firm a Foundation
  • Song #2: Behold Our God
  • Doxology