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Let Us Serve Together

We have found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. For most of us, life in the United States has been a “peace time”, war staying far from our shores and homes. Today though, through technology and globalization, we have become acutely aware of the effects of this virus and the very probable impact it could have(and is already having) in our back yard. In light of this we feel a heightened anxiety for our friends, our economic stability, our families, and of course our beloved parents and grandparents. 

As fear and anxiety wage war on our minds and hold us captive, we must remember who we are, and what our future holds. Let us remember that we live on a tiny rock in the middle of an expansive galaxy. The very Being that set the cosmos in place, that formed the Redwoods, the intricacies of a butterfly’s Cocoon,  that sculpted the towering Himalayas and that formed each of us, is the same being that sent his very Son to die for a people and restore them to himself. This pandemic is not a surprise to God, in fact he is, in his magnificent wisdom, working this together for an ultimate good. His promise still rings true, “We know that God causes all things to work together for good for those who love God and for those called according to his purposes.”(Romans 8:28)  We are the sheep of his fold, and the shepherd will walk with, protect, and keep each of his ewes. Often we don’t know ,in this life, why suffering occurs, but we see in the broken body of Jesus, and in his blood, that God himself suffered and has defeated the final suffering. Death which used to keep us captive, has been obliterated. To the point where Paul states, “O death where is your Victory? O death where is your Sting?” The sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law; but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Dear friends, if today you have found and been found be Jesus, your earthly body may decay(it will), your heart may stop(it will), your loved ones may die around you(they will), but Jesus who loved you and saved you, will guide you back to himself. You will one day be given a new body, rid of all disease and imperfection, and you will finally be able to rest in the presence of your God alongside all those who have loved Him. How great a day that will be!

In light of who we are, who God is, and what our future holds, we have a unique opportunity before us. Needs in our church body and community are beginning and will continue to spring up around us.

Let us keep this in mind, we cannot meet all the needs that come our way, but we can meet needs and have a significant impact, both today and for eternity. Here is how we can do so practically:

  1. Consider your sphere of influence(church members close to you, family, co-workers, neighbors). Become aware of the needs that they have and pray, think creatively as to how to meet those needs.
    1. For example, Amy was aware that Tori needed to self-quarantine herself due to a traveling to New York for work, so Amy took the initiative of Skyping Tori into our Sunday worship service. 
    2. The Next Door App is a way to connect with neighbors and become aware of the needs they may have. 
    3. Some of our neighbors, especially those with compromised immune systems are choosing to self-quarantine. They may need assistance with grocery shopping or be struggling with loneliness. A letter of love and support may help. 
    4. If you are young and healthy,  and if you are infected by this virus, you are very very likely to recover, so let us use our youth to serve.
  2. Red Village Church has set up an e-mail address titled If you personally have a need, know of a person with a need that you cannot meet, or are willing to be contacted to help, please send an e-mail to this address. The church is seeking to mobilize people within our church to meet the needs both within our body and outside of our body. 

In closing, friends let this time draw us to pray expectantly, to love one another more deeply, and to seek to love our neighbors sacrificially. Jesus has secured our lives and our futures, we have found our home in Him, he is our abode, He is our rest, he is our High Tower. 

Justin, RVC Deacon

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