Being Intentional with Good Intentions

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As Christian people I think often we have good intentions in how we are going to live out our faith.  We hear a sermon that challenges us to share the gospel; we read a passage that challenges a sin area in our life; or we hear about a need in the church, and often we have good intentions to follow … Read More

Loving the Kids in our Community

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Summer is just around the corner, which means that new opportunities to reach our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ are coming your way! The temperature outside will soon warm up, and everyone will start to come out of hibernation. As a church, let’s be prayerful and strategic this summer as we seek to love our neighbors, cultivate relationships, and proclaim the … Read More

Kindergarten Theology

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This past week our 6 year old son, Elijah had both an insightful set of questions and then offered up an insightful answer to his questions.  The questions that Elijah asked was, “When do missionaries get to come back home?  Are they only able to come home once everyone in the country is told about Jesus?”  Then after Elijah posed … Read More

My Soul Among Lions concert!

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Join us on May 7th for a concert from My Soul Among Lions!  The concert will be in correlation with our final RVC Nights service of the spring.  RVC Nights will start at 6:30 and the concert will begin shortly after the sermon which should be around 7:00-7:15.   The entire night will take place at Campus Community Church (816 … Read More

An Uncomfortable Holy Week

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People are often creatures of comfort.  It seems that by default our desire is to be in the place that is most comfortable for us, and this has been one of my concerns for us as a church the longer we are together.  For much of the history of RVC we were not in a position to ever be comfortable.  … Read More