Red Village Church


Nothing but the Blood

One of my favorite hymns is the song “Nothing but the Blood”.  In the opening verse the hymn asks the question, “what can wash away my sin?”, then gives the answer “nothing but the blood of Jesus”.  As Christians all around the world take time to both reflect upon and celebrate Easter, I am saddened

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How Can I Be Faithful?

Perhaps one of the greatest goals in my life is to hear the words “well done, good and faithful servant” as I meet God in eternity.  This goal is my great motivation but also my great downfall.  While I do not doubt that God has saved me from my sin, it is amazingly hard for

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Burden of Proof

At our last Bible study an atheist showed up to check things out.  He seems to be a very nice guy, and we had some dialog back and forth with regards to worldviews. One of the disagreements we had was who bore the most burden of proof.  Was it a Christian who believes there is

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A Christian’s Responsibility

Every ministry is unique with unique challenges and unique circumstances.  Possibly the most unique factor of Red Village Church’s ministry is our setting.  Red Village’s ministry setting is in downtown Madison, Wisconsin, which is known for its variety of different belief systems.  In the downtown Madison area you can find those who hold to an

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