Red Village Church


James 5:7-12

Be Patient in Christ To be patient is to wait To be patient requires an established heart Be patient by looking at the cloud of witnesses Be Steadfast in Christ Blessing comes through steadfastness Knowing Christ deeper comes through steadfastness Be Committed in Christ  

James 5:1-6

Judgment is coming for the greedy Judgement is coming Judgement will be sobering Judgement will expose false treasures Judgement will expose who we are Judgment is coming for the who exploit others Exploiting keeps good from others Exploiting leads to self-indulgence Exploiting leads to greater judgement Flea to Jesus Christ 5 Come now, you rich, weep …

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Wisdom from above

How do you know when you have received true wisdom?  Listen into this weeks sermon from James 3 as we learn what wisdom from God looks like.

Taming the tongue

Our little tongues can carry a lot of power in them.  Listen in to this week’s sermon from James 3 and be reminded that our tongues are meant to bring honor to God.

Faith without works is dead

How do good works and our faith work together?  Listen into this week’s sermon from James 2 by our Pastoral Resident Brandon Ryan.