Series: Exodus

Seeing Jesus as our Great High Priest

In this week’s sermon in our study of the book of Exodus we look at the role of the Ole Testament priesthood.  In this study we not only will we see how the priest functioned in the OT but more importantly see how Jesus Christ is our great High Priest.

Seeing Jesus Christ in the Tabernacle

In this week’s sermon we will be looking at one of the most talked about topics of the OT, the tabernacle.  Listen in and hear how the tabernacle helps us remember who God is, what God has done for us, and it helps us see Jesus Christ.

Seeing Jesus in the OT Law

In this week’s sermon in Exodus we come to the confirming of the OT Law.  Listen in and be reminded that the law teaches God’s people how to love him, love others, and look to Jesus Christ.

Seeing Jesus in the 10 Commandments

In this week’s sermon we come to the famous passage in Exodus 20 where the 10 Commandments are listed. Listen in and not only how the 10 Commandments teach us how to love God, love others but also how we are to look to Jesus.

The Covenant of Love

In this week’s sermon from Exodus 19 we are coming to covenant that God makes with his people. In this covenant God promises to love his people and he expects them to love him back. Listen in and learn about this covenant as well as a need for the “New Covenant” found in Jesus Christ.