Red Village Church

Living Radically Normal

Living Radically Normal part 7 Working Hard

In this weeks sermon we come to our final sermon in the Living Radically Normal series.  In this week’s sermon we will be looking at what it means to work hard and why there is such glory in our normal work.

Living Radically Normal part 4 “Suffering”

In this week’s sermon we are reminded that part of the “normal” Christian life involves suffering.  Listen in to learn more on what this suffering might look like as well as how to persevere through the suffering.

Living Radically Normal part 2 “Radially Contentment”

In the society that we live we have been given much yet we struggle to find contentment.  Listen in to part 2 of our summer sermon series titled “Living Radically Normal” and hear how having contentment is part of what it means to follow after Jesus Christ.