How to Spot False Teachers

8.14.11 /

In the ancient city of Corinth some false teachers not only crept in but were destroying the church.  In this week’s lesson from 2 Corinthians 12 we see not only lies false teachers may feed us but more importantly the truth we need to conquer the lies.

Who is this Melchizedek and why is he important?

8.8.11 /

One of the more interesting characters in the Scriptures is a man named Melchizedek, but who was he.  Listen in to this week’s sermon from Thomas Burris to learn more about who Melchizedek was.

The Glory of God

8.1.11 /

Why does God allow tragic things to happen to his children?  Listen to tonight’s sermon from Tim Koehler from John 11 to find the answer.

Difficult Grace

7.17.11 /

When we think of grace we always think of fond thoughts, but there are times God’s grace can involve pain.  Listen in to this week’s message from 2 Corinthians 12 and learn about the depths of God’s grace.