The Church is a Means by to Help us Persevere

7.22.12 /

There are various means in the NT that God gives to believers to help them live out their faith and to finish the race set before them.  Listen into this week’s sermon from Hebrews 10 and hear how the local church is a primary means for Christians to persevere.

The Church: The Visible Picture of God’s Redemption

7.16.12 /

This week we start our series revolving around the centrality of the local church in a life of a believer.  Listen in to this week’s sermon and hear how the church is the visible picture of God’s saving grace.

A Few things God wants us to Know

7.8.12 /

God is a God who wants his followers to have a great assurance of who he is and his promises towards them.  Listen in to the final sermon from our series of 1 John and be encouraged by what God wants his children to know!

Defining what is a Christian

7.1.12 /

There are many who claim to be a Christian but use many different terms to describe what that is so.  Listen in to this week’s sermon from 1 John 5:1-12 and here what the Biblical definition of a Christian is.

Discerning the Deep Love of God

6.26.12 /

How do we know that God loves us?  Listen in to this week’s sermon from 1 John and hear how committed and giving the love of God is towards his children.