Discerning Your Purpose

3.11.12 /

Have you ever asked yourself what your purpose in life is?  Listen into this week’s message from 1 John 1:1-5 to hear what some of the great purposes for mankind are.

A Discerning Theology

3.4.12 /

There is so much information out there at times it can be hard to discern what is helpful and what is hurtful.  In this week’s message we will do a survey of 1 John which will help us to have a discerning theology.

Coming Full Circle

2.19.12 /

This week’s sermon we finish up our study of Ecclesiastes.  Listen in to see how the book not only brings us back full circle to where we started but ultimately points us to Jesus.

Living by Wisdom in an Uncertain Life

2.16.12 /

Life at times can be very uncertain.  Our uncertainty can either cripple us or cause us to further live by faith.  Listen into this week’s message from Ecclesiastes 11.

What Wisdom Looks Like

2.6.12 /

No one wants to be a fool, so what does it look like to live a life based on wisdom?  Listen in to this week’s sermon from Ecclesiastes and hear what wisdom looks like and where it is found.