What Wisdom Looks Like

2.6.12 /

No one wants to be a fool, so what does it look like to live a life based on wisdom?  Listen in to this week’s sermon from Ecclesiastes and hear what wisdom looks like and where it is found.

James 2:1-13

1.8.12 /

As followers of Jesus Christ, and in light of the grace God has show to us we are to be gracious and loving to all people.  Listen into this week’s message from John Collop from James 2.

The Implications of Christmas

12.18.11 /

Christmas is a story that brings with it conflict because of its implications.  Listen in to this week’s sermon from Luke and the story of Christmas.

Evidences of Following After God

12.4.11 /

When one is a follower of God there are evidences that prove that.  Listen into this week’s sermon to see a couple of ways we prove our faith in God from Ecclesiastes 8.

Where Wisdom Drives Us

11.27.11 /

In this week’s sermon from Ecclesiastes 7 we once again are encouraged to live a life of wisdom.  Listen in and see where true wisdom is ultimately driving us.