Great Joy of Great Giving in Light of a Great Gospel

6.6.11 /

Far too often the subject of money is taboo in churches, however in tonight’s lesson from 2 Corinthians 8 we see that as followers of Christ we ought to spur each other on when it comes to giving.

The Joy of Grief

5.29.11 /

How does grief lead to great joy?  Listen in to a message from Thomas Burris from 2 Cor 7.

The Great Commission in Action

5.8.11 /

Shortly before the Lord Jesus ascended to Heaven, he gave his followers the commission to take the gospel to the nations.  In the book of Acts we read how this commission was lived out by the early church.  In tonight’s message we will do a survey of the entire book of Acts as we see how God used his church … Read More

Observations from Isaiah’s Vision

5.1.11 /

What thoughts do you have when you think about God?  What do these thoughts motivate you to do?   Listen to this week’s sermon by Pastor Bob Turner from River of Life Church in Portage and hear what the Prophet Isaiah wrote as he saw God.

Walking in Light of Easter

4.24.11 /

To many Easter is a great holiday and a great reminder of the gospel.  Tonight’s message we learn why Easter is such good news and why we need to remind ourselves of this message each day and not just on Easter.