Red Village Church

Love of the Father

Tomorrow my family and I are celebrating our youngest daughter’s Avery first birthday.  It is hard for me to believe that it has already been a year since she was born.  As I think on the blessing that Avery has been to my family my heart wells up with the love that I have for her as well as our other daughter, Madison.  One of my great joys is to spend time with Avery.  I love to watch her play.  I love to hear her laugh.  I love to see her act silly.  I do not think I can love her any more than I already do.  I would do anything for her and from the bottom of my heart I want nothing but the best for her.

As I reflect on my love for my girls it causes me to stop and think of God’s love for his children.  The Bible is clear that mankind is sinful and selfish, and yet despite that we are capable of showing love and giving good gifts to our children (Matt 7).  If it is true that a sinful man can want what is good for his children how much more does God in his perfect love want what is good for his children?

The love of God has to be the grounding for how Christians are to look at life. Without question there will be times when things are difficult and trying as a Christian.  I can not help but think about those around the world who are suffering for the sake of the gospel even as I type; yet even in moments of struggle Christians can rest in the truth that God loves his children and is for them and not against them.

Too often we judge God’s love for us by what we have or what we don’t have in regards to this material world, rather than looking forward to living with Christ in the New Heavens and New Earth.  How great is God’s love for us that he sent his only son to redeem his children who were lost, broken, and evil?  How great is God’s love for us that not only would he forgive us of our sin but make us co-heirs with Christ in the life to come?  How great is God’s love for us that he is working all things together for the good of those who love him and are called to be his children?  This love is a radical love–a love that he has lavished on us, a love that conforms his children to the image of his Son Jesus Christ.

The type of love that God has for us should bring us to tears of joy because we are so unworthy.  This type of love that God has is the only love that can sustain us through hard times and should be the only kind of love that our heart seeks after.

If you are a Christian I encourage you to spend time marveling in the love God has for you.  Let this love be the motivation of taking the gospel to the nations.  If you are not a Christian I encourage you to turn from sin and make Jesus the greatest treasure of your life so you too can know the love of God.  As my family celebrates the birthday of our daughter Avery, heaven throws a party for all those who put their faith in Christ and are born into his Kingdom!

Praise be to God for the great love that he has for his children!