Red Village Church

The Voice of God

One of my favorite movies is “Field of Dreams” which tells the story of a man who puts everything on the line to create a baseball field on which players from yesteryear who have long passed, including his father, to come play.  Throughout the movie the man hears a voice, presumingly the voice of God, that not only tells him to build the field but also directs him in the different steps he was to take.  The movie ends by the man playing catch with his dad and thus restoring their broken relationship.  One can’t help but think how great it would be to have God audibly speak and provide answers to questions and guidance in life.

How great it must have been to be Moses and hear God audibly speak at the burning bush (Exo 3) or be at the baptism of Jesus and hear God the Father speak from the heavens declaring Jesus to be his son in whom he was pleased (Matt 3).  It would seem that life would be so much easier and our faith so much stronger if God would do such things.  Who would not want a voice from heaven telling them who to marry, which job to take, or give answers to the great questions of life. To have this audible voice would seem to be the best way to live life–until we read 2 Peter.

In 2 Peter, the Apostle Peter reflects back to when he was with Jesus during his transfiguration, where Jesus displayed his glory to Peter, James, and John.  As Jesus was displaying his glory, God the Father spoke from heaven once again declaring Jesus to be his son with whom he was pleased (Matt 17).   This no doubt had to be one of the greatest experiences any human has ever had.  The three disciples not only saw the glory of God in Jesus but also heard the voice of God confirming what they saw.  As great of an experience that must have been for Peter to hear the audible voice of God, he wrote in 2 Peter concerning the voice from heaven that “we have something more sure, the prophetic work, to which you will do well to pay attention” (2 Peter 1:19).  As glorious as it was to hear the voice from heaven Peter declares the written word of God, the Bible, to be of even greater assurance than voices from above.

When we come to the sacred text of Scripture we have full confidence that as we read the words on the pages we are indeed hearing from God.  This should bring us great joy and great hope.  Our God is not a God that has abandoned us but has left us his Word.  If this were to be true, that the words on the pages of Scripture are the very words of God, we have the greatest gift that we could ever imagine.  Do you have struggles in your marriage?  If so see what God has to say in Ephesians 5.  Are you struggling in making financial decisions?  If so read the Proverbs.  Are you dealing with pain and discouragement?  If so read the Psalms.  The Bible is the greatest tool and indeed our only true tool that we have to make it in this life.

Even more important than giving us wisdom and guidance in this life, the Bible ultimately is a book that tells us about Jesus.  It tells us of our sin that separates us from a holy and just God.  And it tells us that through a wooden cross and an empty tomb we can be made right with God because of what Jesus did in our place.

Throughout the movie “Field of Dreams” the voice repeats that if the man would build the baseball field “he would come”, which referred to the man’s father.  The Bible has a similar promise that if you would believe the words of Scripture–that Jesus came and died, paying the penalty of sin–and that if you would make Jesus your greatest treasure and master of your life he, meaning Jesus, “would come” and bring you into eternity with him.  Would you respond today to the prophetic words and confess Jesus to be your Lord?