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Sickbed Thoughts

The past week I have been wiped out with a sinus infection.  I have not been able to do too much besides lay around and sleep.  One of the things I have had time to do is to reflect.  As I have reflected on my sickness two things have come to mind.  One, this is not the way it was meant to be, and two this is not the way it will always be.

When God created the universe he created it good.  When God created the world there were no such things as sinus infections or sick days.  In fact, there was no pain, no tears, no death.  Man had perfect fellowship with God and with all of creation.

However, as we know things are far from perfect now.  Even though God created the world good, man was not satisfied and broke the commandment of God by eating the forbidden fruit, and therefore, sin entered into the world.  As sin entered, a world that was in perfect harmony was thrown into chaos.  Where there once was peace, now is turmoil.  Where there was unity, now there is disarray.  Where there was perfect health, there now is sickness.

Because of the sin all of us will die; all of us will know pain and disappointment.  In the world there is much hunger, injustice, murder, hatred, and every type of social injustice imaginable.  Because of sin we seen the devastation of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, and typhoons.

Thankfully that is not the way it will always will be.  Thankfully God is a God who redeems and restores that which is broken.  Shortly after sin entered into the world, God promised to send one who would make all things right again (Gen 3:15).  2000 years ago, God’s only Son entered into this world as a baby to fix what we have broken.   Jesus not only lived a perfect life but also died a perfect death, paying the punishment for sin.  You see, God is not pleased with man, his sin, and what he has done with God’s good creation.  God’s judgement is on man, and man is left separated from God.  However, when Jesus Christ died on the cross he took upon himself the judgement of God for all those who by faith turn to God and believe in him.

It was through Jesus’ death and resurrection that we can be restored back to God.  It is also through Jesus’ death and resurrection that will ultimately restore all of creation.  After Jesus returned to the Father he promised to come again bringing with him a New Heaven and a New Earth for his people.  In this New Heaven and New Earth we will receive new bodies, bodies that will not be broken down, bodies that will never die, bodies that will never know the pain of  a sinus infection.

This is our great hope that we have.  Too often our minds are so narrowly focused on the here and now.  All of our energy, effort, and comfort lies in this broken-down, sin-filled world instead of marveling in the fact that through God’s grace our eternal home will far surpass this present life.

The next time you are in pain or suffering through sickness I encourage you to take time to give glory to God for not abandoning us in our miserable state, and if you are in Christ  (it is my great prayer that you are) cling even tighter to hope of eternity.

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  1. Hey man. I know it’s hard fighting off those small illnesses with an aging body. There comes a point where it just can’t fight like it used to. Embrace it, my friend.


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