Red Village Church

Electronic Resources

Today’s “connected age” comes with a host of temptations and dangers. Information that used to require hours of research is available at the click of a mouse. Sometimes this isn’t a good thing.

That being said, there are a lot of wonderful electronic resources out there that I think are honoring to God and helpful to his people. Below is a list of a apps that I use all of the time that you may find helpful. I have an IPad and IPhone and an old Nook. Electronics are obviously not necessary for our justification or growth in the knowledge of God, but I’ll take all of the help that I can get. Share resources that you find helpful in the comments.

  • ESV Study Bible Plus – Contains the ESV Bible along with all study notes. You can highlight, mark verses as “favorites,” and keep notes. You can also follow links to cross-references and post selected texts to Facebook and Twitter and send them out via email.
  • GoodReader – I use this as a PDF reader. The 9Marks Journal and Themelios (an publication put out by the Gospel Coalition) are available as free PDFs. I also keep a copy of my Bible Reading Plan on this app.
  • Prayer Notebook – I’ve been experimenting with this for a few months and I love it! You can keep prayer lists, repeat them (so pray for the same thing every Monday, etc) and set reminders for specific dates and times.
  • PocketSword – This is kind of a multitask app. You can download various versions of the Bible (including foreign language), commentaries, dictionaries, and devotionals. All the sources on this app are free as far as I can tell. I have actually been using this app more for my daily Bible Reading than the ESV app because I like the browser better.
  • Flashcards+ – I have used several flashcard apps and this is my favorite one. I was asked once at small group, “Why don’t you just use actual flashcards?” The answer is that actual flashcards are not as awesome and they don’t let you rapidly make notecards and share decks with users all over the world, that’s why. I use a website called Quizlet (which also has an app) to make my cards. My user name is hhtuck if you are looking for some decks.

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