Red Village Church

On Podcasts

I really enjoy listening to podcasts (especially since my commute got longer), and I don’t think I’m alone at RVC. Here’s some that I love:

  • mortification of spin3The Mortification of Spin – Hosted by Carl Truemann and Todd Pruitt. They are both pastors our east and Carl teaches History at Westminster Seminary. Think cutting British sarcasm plus warmhearted pastoral wisdom. Trust me.
  • The Briefing – Al Mohler does this daily podcast during the week. It’s basically commentary on daily news issues from a Christian worldview and very helpful.
  • whiteThe Dividing Line – Dr. James White has been doing apologetics on the streets, in the classrooms, in books, in lectures, and in formal debates for decades. He is uniquely gifted, a tireless worker, and loves helping to equip the saints to know, defend, and love the faith. There are a lot of people out there who make a great name for themselves in apologetics whether they deserve it or not. James White is the real deal.
  • 5 Minutes in Church History – Do I need to describe this?
  • 9Marks Audio – Only put out intermittently. Usually hosted by Mark Dever and it’s usually a great interview on one of any number of topics.
  • ctc-album300Christ The Center: Doctrine for Life – Started by Camden Bucey when he was a doctoral student at Westminster. He’s now a pastor at an OPC church in Grayslake, IL. A mix of great interviews, church issue commentary, and topical discussion that you won’t hear anywhere else. Because of the Westminster connection they get some great interviews.
  • Red Village Church Sermons – You didn’t think I’d leave this off did you?
  • You can also use podcast technology to make it easier to listen to things that aren’t strictly podcasts. For instance, if you go to Desiring God’s page about their 2013 C.S. Lewis conference you’ll find that you can use the subscribe link in the upper right hand corner to make a podcast feed. This will get the talks on your device in an organized fashion. You can do the same thing with his series on Romans, his series on Hebrews, his biographies, etc. It’s very useful. Katie and I both listened to the C.S. Lewis talks and thought they were great
  • I also listen to Bill Simmons’ Grantland Podcast and The Starters (formerly the Basketball Jones) but usually feel like I’m wasting my time and can’t condone anything they say or do.

Who are you listening to?