Red Village Church

Backyard Bible Clubs #2

Here is some more encouragement from Sarah!  Let’s been praying for a great summer of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with the kids of Madison!


The Bible says that children are like arrows in the hand of a warrior (Psalm 127:4-5). This is what thrills me about working in children’s ministry. Children are the future. They have the potential to accomplish more for the Kingdom than we can imagine. Each time we minister to children it is like we are pulling the bowstring just a little bit further back, allowing the arrows to soar exponentially further upon their release. Red Village Church is excited to minister to children in neighborhoods all over Madison through Backyard Bible Clubs. Here are a few reasons why these Clubs are strategic for our mission to advance the Gospel in our city:

  1. Open hearts. Children are moldable, whereas adults can be more stuck in their ways. This is a key time in their life to tell them about God’s love for them and His plan to rescue them.
  2. Prevention, rather than damage control. If children place their faith in Jesus at a young age, it covers a multitude of sins. They have the opportunity to grow up being sanctified, rather than by chasing after idols such as alcohol, drugs, pornography, etc.
  3. Extended influence. Even though the lessons are geared toward kids, you are reaching the whole family. Parents often stick around for lessons. Even if they don’t, the kids will go home and talk about what they did.
  4. Open doors. Now you have a reason to talk to your neighbor! Even if they don’t send their kids to the Club, you’ve opened up a relationship with them and you’ve let them know that you love Jesus.

Please consider hosting a Backyard Bible Club this summer through RVC as a way to help launch children in the direction of God’s course for their lives. If you are interested in learning about how you can get involved in this ministry, please e-mail Sarah at