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Meet the Fishers

Meet Rob and Rachel Fisher!  Rob is our newest church planting intern.

Red Village Church Community,

First of all, it has been a great honor and privilege to be a part of the Red Village community these past few months. My wife, Rachel, and I are so very thankful to you all for the hospitality extended to us in such a short period of time. In the church world, the way that you welcome newcomers is rare and special, and I encourage you to continue in that spirit.

Now, let me give you an introduction to Rachel and myself, and the journey that brought us to Red Village Church and Madison.

Around the midpoint of my time at College of the Ozarks, through a combination of leadership and ministry opportunities I began to seriously consider a life devoted to the pastorate. Also around this time, the Lord began convict me about how nominal and casual Christianity was greatly contributing to a fading Christian witness in America. These convictions dovetailed into a church planting internship through the North American Mission Board in Portland, Oregon in the summer of 2013. This experience was an extremely challenging time for me, after which I felt more strongly than ever that the Lord was leading me into a life of ministry in some of the areas in our nation that are in the most need of a Biblical, gospel presence. During this time, I was advised to consider a longer church planting internship, before continuing towards seminary, in a culture close to where I could see myself ministering to in the future.

Following this internship I returned to school for two more semesters before graduation. Rachel and I began dating at the start of our senior year in October of 2013.  We graduated in May and were engaged in late June. We then began planning the wedding and searching for a church planting internship.

We learned about Madison from my Wisconsinite cousin, who is also a UW alum, and we were very drawn to the culture in Madison. Shortly afterwards we found Red Village Church and contacted Aaron about the possibilities of an internship. In early October of 2014 we were able to spend the weekend here. The more we learned about Madison and Red Village, the more we grew to appreciate both, and we desired to be a part of the culture of this place.

We were married on New Year’s Eve and moved up to Madison roughly two weeks later. Rachel is working as an RN at Select Specialty Hospital, a long-term acute care hospital in Madison. In addition to the internship with Red Village, I am working part-time in maintenance at an apartment complex in Fitchburg.

The two main purposes of our time here with Red Village Church are to (1) gain ministry experience and training, and (2) receive assessment and direction from a local church as to my qualification and readiness for serving the Church as a pastor-elder in the future.

I speak for Rachel as well when I say that we have greatly enjoyed being a part of the Red Village community thus far, and we look forward to continued time with you all.


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  1. So very proud…We love you guys and pray daily for you and the ministry of Red Village

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