Red Village Church

Bible Doctrine Class

Hey RVC!

I will be teaching a class on Systematic Theology using Grudem’s Bible Doctrine, starting October 2nd. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as you purchase the book and do the assigned reading beforehand. The point of this is to enrich our understanding of God and what Christians believe. The schedule for the class is listed below (and can also be found on the RVC Calendar); the class will always meet on Sundays from 3-6pm at the RVC Office (310 N Midvale, Lower Level). I am also attaching an Amazon link to the book. I am very excited to teach this class and I hope to see many of you there!



10/2/16 Part 1 – Introduction to Systematics, Doctrine of the Word (Chs. 1-3)
10/23/16 Part 2 – Incommunicable, Communicable Attributes of God, The Trinity (Chs. 4-6)
11/13/16 Part 3 – Creation, Providence, Prayer, and Angels and Demons (Chs. 7-10)
12/4/16 Part 4 – The Doctrine of Man (Chs. 11-13)
2/12/17: Part 5 – The Doctrine of Christ (Chs. 14-16)
2/26/17: Part 6 – Common Grace, Election, Gospel Call, Regeneration, and Conversion (Chs. 17-21)
3/12/17: Part 7 – Justification, Adoption, Sanctification, Perseverance, and Death, Intermediate State and Glorification (Chs. 22-25)
4/2/17: Part 8 – The Doctrine of the Church (Chs. 26-30)
4/23/17: Part 9 – The Doctrine of the Future (Chs. 31-34)

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