Red Village Church

September 6th Service will be indoors at 9am.

This coming Sunday, (9/6/2020), the weather is forecasted to be rainy, so we’ll be meeting indoors.

  • Service Starts at 9am.
  • We won’t be serving food.
  • There will also not be childcare provided.
  • Call to Worship
  • Congregational Prayer
  • Song #1: TBD
  • Sermon delivered live. A pre-recorded version of the same sermon will be available as it has been in prior weeks.
  • Lord’s Supper. The offering basket will be available as it typically is.
  • Song #2: TBD
  • Song #3: TBD
  • Doxology

Indoor Meeting Plan:

When meeting indoors, we will have two spaces available: the upstairs sanctuary and a simulcast in the basement. If I (Aaron Decker) determine that we will be over 50% capacity in the sanctuary I will direct folks to use the basement as overflow. This allows our church to stay in compliance with the Dane County Public Health’s Order #9.

There are also other safety mechanisms in place, such as cleaning of the restrooms pre-service, usage of HEPA air purifiers, and socially distanced seating. If you are sick, please attend virtually by watching the pre-recorded sermon rather than by attending in person.

Order #9 also mandates that individuals wear face coverings when in a building other than their household. The legality of this order has been disputed. It is the Elder Board’s official recommendation that congregants wear a face covering while in the building. Since we do not wish to bind the conscience of individuals during worship in this way, do not want to compel congregants to make what they may believe to be political speech, and do not want to discriminate against people who may not be wearing a face covering for other reasons (such as health reasons), we will be leaving compliance up the individual and will not be policing face covering usage. (The Mayor of Madison and Dane County Public Health have also indicated that they do not wish to have individuals reporting other individuals for mask violations). We ask all congregants to please make gracious assumptions about the decisions of other congregants.