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Bible Reading Plan

Private and corporate Bible study tends to orbit around the familiar and perspicuous. In order to know and love “the whole counsel of God,” it is important to study the Scriptures systematically and regularly. One way to do that is through a bible reading plan, to keep you on a schedule so as to make

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The Gift of Friendship

Kevin DeYoung, a pastor in East Lansing, MI, posted a great series a few weeks back called “The Gift of Friendship”. It’s been converted into a short pdf. It’s an appropriate article leading up to the (re-)launch of small groups this week. Kevin is the author or co-author of some great books, including Just Do

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Peaking with the Puritans

We’ve been trying something this year called “Peaking with the Puritans.” As we said when we started this, most people think of the Puritans as a dour lot, spending their time burning witches and stitching scarlet letters. These days historical conventional wisdom is no more accurate than a game of telephone in a knitting circle.

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