The First Use Of The Law

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“The Lawgiver knew that the burden of law was greater than men could bear, but he judged it to be useful for this very reason to advise men that they were not able to fulfill it, so that they might know clearly to what end of righteousness they ought to strive as far as their powers permit. So by commanding … Read More

Plus You’re Boring

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“For surely, whoever seeks his own glory while speaking the word of God invades the rights of the Giver, and does not fear to promote himself over the One from whom he has received that thing that is praised.” (Gregory the Great, The Book of Pastoral Rule, p. 159)

The Bible Is Inspired In A Way That This Quote Is Not

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“What it says of Scripture is, not that it is ‘breathed into by God’ or is the product of the Divine ‘inbreathing’ into its human authors, but that it is breathed out by God, ‘God-breathed,’ the product of the creative breath of God. In a word, what is declared by this fundamental passage is simply that the Scriptures are a … Read More

Difficult But Safe

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“The question is not, whether the doctrine of plenary inspiration has difficulties to face. The question is, whether these difficulties are greater than the difficulty of believing that the whole church of God from the beginning has been deceived in her estimate of the Scriptures committed to her charge — are greater than the difficulty of believing that the whole … Read More

This Applies To Certain Parties In All Theological Controversies

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“Their criticisms, when examined, appear far more subtle, than solid; and it seems as if nothing can possibly be strong enough, nothing perspicuous enough, in any composure whatever, to stand before such liberties as these writers indulge. The plainest and most nervous [vigorous] discourse is analysed and criticized, till it dissolves into nothing, or till it becomes a thing of … Read More