Friday Morning Sunday School

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I am excited to announce that we are (finally) stepping up some formal, elder-led teaching. It’s our conviction that the most important public teaching at RVC takes place from the pulpit. But there is certainly something to be said for going through rich material together. File this under the category of “equipping the saints for the work of ministry” (see … Read More

Whatever’s Not Eternal Is Eternally Out Of Date

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“It is the special function of the Church to speak unceasingly and unfalteringly for this one supreme aspect of the future world, to insist in season and out of season that in it God and the service of God are to the highest good and satisfaction of mankind, that without which all other desirable things will lose their value and … Read More

Salt In Our Wound

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“And by the way, so God often orders it, that when he is in hand with the greatest mercies for us, and bringing about our greatest good, then we are most of all sinning against him; which he doth, to magnify his love the more.” Thomas Goodwin, The Heart of Christ, p. 28. [It’s not too late to pick up … Read More

Gregory on Christian Hedonism Forever

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“The love of gain, which is a large, incalculably large, element of every soul, when once applied to the desire for God, will bless the who man has it; for he will be violent where it is right to be violent.” Gregory of Nyssa, On Virginity.

If You Know, He Knows

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…for the very essence of anxious care is the imagining that we are wiser than God, and the thrusting upon ourselves into his place to do for Him that which he has undertaken to do for us. We attempt to think of that which we fancy He will forget; we labor to take upon ourselves our weary burden, as if … Read More