Missions and the Local Church

8.26.12 /

What is the role of the local church in missions?  Listen in to this week’s sermon from Acts 13 and see how an ancient church in the city of Antioch involved themselves in missions.  

Serving the Church to the Glory of God

8.19.12 /

God has uniquely gifted his children and has designed for us to use our gifts in the local church.  Listen into this week’s sermon from Romans 12 as we continue our series of the local church in the life of a believer.

Understanding Suffering

8.15.12 /

What is the purpose of suffering?  Why does God not only allow us to suffer but call us to suffer?  Listen in to the week’s sermon from Ben Llewellyn to find out the answer to these questions.

Psalm 47

8.7.12 /

What are you trusting in?  Listen in to this week’s sermon by Lentz Upshaw and be reminded that we can fully trust in God.