What Money Can Buy

10.23.11 /

When you look at money and possessions do you think about al the strings that come attached.  Listen in to this weeks message from Ecclesiastes and see what money can buy you.

When You are in Sin By Going to Church

10.16.11 /

Do you take time to consider what you are doing before entering a worship service.  In our text this morning we learn how we are to approach God in worship.

Rich Man….Poor Man

10.3.11 /

Do you define yourself by how much money you have or do not have?  Listen in to this weeks sermon and hear how the only way we can truly define ourselves is by our faith in Christ.

The Harshness of Life

9.26.11 /

In this weeks message we continue to work through the book of Ecclesiastes looking book at the vanity of this life and the hope found in Jesus.

Time for Everything Under Heaven

9.18.11 /

Much of our lives is dictated by time.  Listen into this weeks message from Ecclesiastes 3 as we see how we are to look at and use our time.