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Welcome, to the very beginning of Red Village Church’s first plant, the beginning of my church planting apprenticeship, and my first post on this RVC church plant blog. I am blessed that your interest has brought you to this blog. So…read on, I will enjoy sharing with you a summary of what we are up to now and what we will be doing in these next few months, as we labor for the eternal joy of all the peoples in our community.

What does a church planting apprenticeship look like? It looks much like my millwright training of the early 1980’s – much hard work, many details, innovation is needed, very interesting, mundane duties, at times extremely dirty, and it is possible to get hurt. I realize that in this apprenticeship, just as one does not build or troubleshoot machinery without blueprints and a plan, nor are churches built without troubleshooting sin broken communities and developing plans and strategies for the Gospel’s repair.

We are presently studying and troubleshooting the “machinery” of our community, but in this case each moving part possesses an eternal soul. Yes, as we touch broken parts, and as we are desperate for their repair, I am sure that I will be reminded of the extremely dirty situation and arduous work of my former trade. So, we are now asking these questions: How can we best bring Gospel repair to our community? How must we peer in, get in, and reach our community with the Gospel? That is, how can we reach the most socio-economically and racially diverse portion of our city?

Already, inroads are being made to build relationships in our community. Coaching Little League and a gardening plot at Troy Community Gardens have recently been opened to us. Saturating our hearts, work, and community with prayer began this week as the first Friday night prayer meeting was held, targeting RVC’s ministries and the Northside church plant. A file of prospective community contacts and events is also being gathered.

The next few months will be infused with what is already clicking and will include fund raising and the beginning of identifying a core of people to plant with. And I am hoping that the next few months will include you – your interest and your prayer! Check back soon, I will be sharing about what Jesus is doing in Little League, Troy Gardens, and our community. I hope that you will truly enjoy our journey in working to “increase thanksgiving to the glory of God” in Madison, Wisconsin.

-John and Chrissy

For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God. 2 Corinthians 4:15 ESV



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  1. In the month of July my wife Nancy and I will be moving to North Madison. I am a deacon, song director and young adult Sunday school teacher at New Hope Baptist Church (SBC), Coal Valley, Illinois. My wife teaches children’s Sunday school and is the assistant church treasurer. We are interested in your ministries, especially your church start in North Madison. We would like to know more about your church and organization.

    Wayne and Nancy Fountain
    cell 3099120476 Wayne
    Home 3097978269

  2. Kay, I found a quote that backs your research on the soul. I found it on an app by C.S Lewis. You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. I am winitag for a reply from a source of where the quote came from. I will pass on to you any other information that may help you in your study. Thank you for bring the truth to light through the finish work of Jesus Christ. I am Jack Kilfoyle

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