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Update from the Nations

Here is a little update from Tim!


Have you ever met someone who risked his or her life for the gospel?

The countryside in this region of Central Asia is beginning to experience an Acts-like movement of the Holy Spirit.  Reports keep trickling into the city that the gospel was preached in this village, and many heads of households and their families came to the Lord, or the Messiah was proclaimed to this person’s relatives, and the whole family believed.  It is an incredible time to be here, and I am thankful to be a witness to these things and to report to you the faithfulness of our Father.

I’m also thankful to say that, every week, I walk among people who chance social alienation or worse to follow Jesus.  Recently, I can say that I have friends who risk everything, even their very lives, for the joy set before them.

Last month, a few friends were praying when they felt the Holy Spirit call them to preach the gospel in a village just across the border in Russia.  Following that leading, the men piled in to a car and began the ten-hour trek toward the unreached village.  According to The Joshua Project, an online resource to track the progress of the Great Commission, 0.00% of this people group is Christian.

On their way, the men came to a neighboring town and spoke with believers about their intentions to continue on to this village.  The believers in that town said, “No one goes to that place, the believers are afraid of it.  If you go, you will be stabbed.”

But these four men continued to feel the conviction of the Spirit.  So, each one sat down and wrote his last will and testament before climbing back into the car and continuing onward.

Upon arriving at their destination, the men received a cool welcome.  One woman took them in to their home, according to local customs of hospitality, but it was clear she was uncomfortable with their presence.  After helping them settle, she refused to speak with them.

However, faithful to their calling, my friends began to meet people and talk with them about Isa Messiach.  At one point in the conversation, the men talked briefly about the Jesus Film.  Upon hearing the film mentioned, a man who was listening spoke up and said earnestly, “You have seen this film?  Some people came here fifteen years ago and showed it to us but then left.  We have been wondering about its meaning all these years.  Can you explain it to us?”

Eagerly, my four friends shared the truth of the gospel with these people.  As a result, many in the village came to faith through their testimony.  Other people, brothers and sisters who had believed in the past but were afraid to be known, also came forward upon witnessing the animated work of the Spirit.

After several days of faithful preaching, my brothers felt the call to move on from the village, having witnessed the establishment of its first church.  These men came back joyfully proclaiming the deeds that the Lord had done through them!  This is just one example of the Father working in this region of the world.  There are many others, many that I have not even heard of yet.

Praise the Lord for His grace and compassion on us, praise Him for allowing us to be a part of His work, and continue to lift up the believers here as they gladly lay down their lives for His sake!

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