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Read Carefully

“Only one thing more, and that of supreme importance, needs to be remembered: all eschatological interpretation of history, when united to a strong religious mentality cannot but produce the finest practical theological fruitage. To take God as source and end of all that exists and happens, and to hold such a view suffused with the

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Faith Keeps You Going

“Owing to the number, the difficulty, and the never-terminating, never-remitting obligations of these duties, even genuine Christians are in danger of “becoming weary of well-doing. They become backward to undertake them, and languid in performing them. They multiply and magnify obstacles. They are ingenious in devising excuses. They leave them half done, and are strongly

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It Starts Now

“On the other hand, He who cultivates the field of the Spirit, shall of that Spirit reap life everlasting… We are too apt to think of final happiness as something quite distinct from that holy frame of feeling and thought to which the gospel, as “the ministration of the Spirit,” forms the human soul, while

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And Then It’s Gone

“Let him be as successful as his heart can desire in the attainment of the pleasures, honours, and wealth of the world, what has he got? nothing but corruption. Short-lived, transitory, perishing are the leading characters of all things natural and earthly.” John Brown, Galatians, Banner of Truth Trust, p. 339.

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